Lip Piercing – All the possibilities and side effects you must know

Lip Piercing

Since women are very eager to decorate their physical body in order to enhance attraction, they used to follow varying techniques. The piercing is one such a method which has the nature of traditional as well as modern nature. Actually, wearing earrings is a common traditional practice for girls. But, nose or lip piercing is not such a common thing among traditional societies. However, with the modernization of these techniques women trend to have a try for an ornament in their lips. Actually, we can see a number of types behind this and the preferred type may be based on the shape of the face, personal desires and the possibility of performing the piercings. At the same time, there are risks of inflammation as well. So, do not forget to follow better care for the affected site.

Well, today we are going to follow a little on all the basic facts you know if you plan to undergo this procedure.

What are the types of lip piercings?

Actually, there is a range of different types of methods to ware jewelry for your lips. But, today we have selected only three common methods to discuss with you.

Snake Bite

This type of piercing will resemble the marks of a snake bite. So, basically, it performs over the lower lip and there may be two spots to place jewelry in the same distance away from the mid line. The pain during and after the procedure can be varying from five to six in VAS (Visual Analogue Scale). Since this is known as the medium scale pain, you might be able to bear it even without analgesics. However, you will have to wait for six to eight weeks to enjoy fill healing of the site.

Angel bite

This is also a similar procedure as the above one. But, the spots may place over the upper lips to attach pieces of jewelry. At the same time, it is known as somewhat a painful procedure than the snake bite. So, it has scored six to seven in the VAS scale. Further, it takes a bit more time to heal by increasing the risk of complications.

Cyber bite

When the pieces of jewelry are placed on both the upper and lower lips in a vertical manner we call is as a cyber bite. Usually, the place which this kind of piercing is performing is the groove of the lip. Further, this is also somewhat a tolerate procedure and will not take a longer duration to heal the damages.

Can lip piercing get infected?

Yes! If you do not care on your lips well after the procedure, it may get infected. Actually, since our lips are situated most externally in our face, the microbes can easily reach it. So, do not forget to follow the instructions given by experts to prevent these unnecessary infectious attacks. But, if in case, if you notice some unusual change do not be late to meet experts for possible care. Otherwise, it can lead to more serious complications in future.

The last lines

Actually, the lip piercing is one of a result in this fashionable world. Sometimes, it is giving some personality to people who are engaging with molding and similar fields. But, you must keep in mind to follow the proper care at the acute stage of the procedure to prevent possible communication to gain the expected outcomes. So, we hope this will be a detailed guide for you in this case!


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