Gluten Free Chinese Food

Gluten Free Chinese Food

Wheat, Soybean, and some other cereal grain contain a group of proteins named Gluten. Guten is produced as a result of polysaccharide (starch), which is produced by green plants to energize the germ in the seed to grow for a specific period until the new plant can absorb nutrients itself. Starch contains in the endosperm tissue in the inside of the grain. Since starch contains protein such as gluten and oil, it can be used as a suitable source of nutrition for humans and other Animals. But, the excessive amount of Gluten amount in the diet may lead to some critical health issues such as coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis. Most of the diners prefer Chinese cuisine as it includes several food varieties that can impress customers in various tastes. Many of Chinese food contains soy sauce traditionally as a flavor enhancer and hard to avoid, and it fades your dream for Gluten Free Chinese Food

is Chinese food gluten-free

Commonly, Chinses foods are believed to be Gluten Free since Chinese cuisine does not contain more cereal grain varieties in which gluten usually contains. But, most of the Chinese food includes soy sauce, which you would be surprised to hear that most soy sauce brands contain gluten. Most of the Soy sauce brands use wheat as their crucial ingredient, which makes most of your loving Chinese dishes gluten held. But, there is a variety of Soy sauce that does not contain less wheat or not wheat. You have to check your menu and determine if your Chinese Food  Gluten Free

what Chinese food is gluten-free

Perhaps,  you may have seen a note in your menu in front of the Soysauce item as an option to substitute tamari. Tamari can make your menu gluten-free. Tamari soy sauce and regular soy sauce as the same as in colure and appearance as well as the source. Both of the products are produced as byproducts fermented soybeans, and Tamari differs from Soy sauce due to low or no wheat as a key ingredient. On the other hand, tamari has a darker colure and stronger flavor along with less salty than regular Soy sauces. Especially, Tamari has a balanced taste than regular Soy sauce and high in dipping. So, make sure to have Tamari instead of Soy sauce to avoid to be gluten-free and check your menu twice before order. Generally, Japanese people use Tamari, and most of the Asian people use Soy sauce for food.

How To Choose Gluten-Free Food

This would be hard to do as many of chinses food contains Soysauce. However, here you can find some of the tricks you can find some methods you can deploy to choose  Gluten Free Chinese food as Soy sauce is used as an ingredient to prepare other seasonings such as brown sauces to avoid using them if you cannot get it verified. As you already know, Wheat contains a higher amount of gluten, and your diet may get invaded by gluten if it contains wheat in any form. So, check your dishes and avoid such food portions. Most of the time, wheat flor is used to make the batter for food, and usually, you can find this fried food. Chinese Cusine is famous for preparing noodles, and it may be wheat Noodles or Rice noodles, depending on the restaurant. Do not hesitate to ask the restaurant about it. Usually, it is hard to communicate with the employees in a restaurant as it is a bustling place. In such cases, stick with boiled or steamed vegetables, meat, and food that contains rice to avoid harassment.

Gluten-Free Chinese Food 

Won Ton Soup, Scallion Pancakes, Seasame Chicken, Lemon Chicken, crab rangoon, Egg Rolls, cauliflower fried rice, Orange chicken, Apricot Chicken, stir-fried rice vermicelli and fried rice dishes, etc. Most of these foods are regularly prepared by using wheat flour at most of chinses restaurants. But there are gluten-varieties of this food, and you can find them at some restaurant. Also, you can prepare gluten-free yourself using substitutes for the Wheat flour and soy sauce. As you know, the Food industry is a business, and ost of time profit is the first. So, manufacturers use cheap ingredients such as wheat flour, which makes our food unhealthy. So, pay more attention to what you and where you eat.

Bottom Line

Generally, Chinses cuisine is highly reputed for its healthiness as it uses more natural ingredients and natural cooking methods to prepare food without destroying nutrients in the diet. But, in the case of Gluten, the tradition changes widely due to the wheat and wheat flour usually found in sauces and foods. So, diners need to pay more attention to pick gluten-free Chinese food


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