Does your child get bullied at school?

Child Bullying At School

Children are precious to their parents and society. Indeed, parents, teachers and community play a significant role in providing a strong foundation to them. Furthermore, the school helps developing leadership qualities, logical thinking and problem-solving skills. So they get the knowledge to deal with both work of the world and modern society. What happens if your child gets bullied at school? May be by friends, teachers, seniors or the authority. It’s not a piece of good news, right?

So the bullies give adverse effects to children as physical and mental disorders. So you have to pay special attention to ensure your child’s safety and security. Such bullies may result in weaknesses in self-esteem, leadership qualities, and bearing responsibilities. So must take proper actions to resolve these issues. So let’s discuss the school bullies in detail.

The ways children get bullied at school

Indeed, there are three main types of bullies. They are verbal, psychological and physical. All three types are very harsh to bear. Not only the students but also the teachers and authority too involve in bullying, which causes severe effects on the child. So here comes the ways children get bullied at school.

1. Verbal bullies

Indeed, the students may verbally bully someone for their behaviour, appearance or gender. Furthermore, they may subject the family status, culture, ethnicity and religious beliefs to abuse your child verbally. Indeed it’s due to the inability to respect others beliefs and changes.

Also, name-calling is a huge problem that makes the child mentally down — furthermore threatening also a severe bullying condition found at school.

The children at school represent different social institutions and levels. The burdens in their family may tend to bully another child.

And also the teachers and authority may bully the children at school. So it’s essential to take care of children as you feel any change in the child’s behaviour. You can find teachers who are from different social situations and environments. So sometimes teachers may try to release their pressure by bullying a child.

It’s a common condition among primary and secondary grade teachers. Also, they may target one child over others to release their pressure. So its an extreme situation as the teacher indirectly supports other students to bully a child. Also, a child’s behaviour may be a reason for these mistreating. But it’s not the teacher’s way to solve the issues. They should advise them instead of verbally abusing them.

2. Physical bullies

Child Bullying At School

Your child may get kicked, pinched or bitten as a result of physical bullies. Certainly hitting is the most common bully happens at school. Both students and teachers may involve in such bullies. Generally, weak students become targets of strong students. So they may also steal their stationary or belongings to control them. Even, they might touch or grab parts of the body as the target is powerless. Indeed touching sexual organs by unauthorized people is a form of physical bullies.

So beware if your child shows and discomforts or changes. Don’t ignore such situations. Trust your child. Physical abusing is a severe condition. So there are different laws and regulations to punish such terms. Also, the teachers may hit the students for their mistakes. It’s not allowed to punish them in that manner. Such physical tortures may cause prolong physical disorders. So avoid such punishments as teachers and parents. Advising and letting them understand the mistakes is the best way to correct the errors. So take maximum efforts to prevent such bullies from ensuring child protection.

3. Psychological bullies

It’s one of the most severe bullies that tend children to cause anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. Indeed humiliation, rejecting to be friends, gossips about personal life, public humiliation, spreading unauthorized pictures and videos and spreading false news to avoid making friends are some dangerous psychological bullies. Both teachers and students involved in such situations to bully your child.

Humiliating the child in front of other students lacks the self-esteem of the child. Indeed, teachers should be very careful when they emphasize the problems of the child. Otherwise, indirectly, it might be a psychological bully. Also, rejection is a typical bully found at same-age peer groups. So pay your attention if your child complains you about such a situation. Also spreading gossips may tend to lose the courage and self-esteem of the child. So you can ask the teachers or the students parents help to avoid such conditions.

Furthermore, public humiliation also has adverse effects. The children undergo traumas as they face the society and associate people. Spreading unauthorized pictures and videos is an extreme condition which even let the children commit suicide. You might need the service a counsellor to help your child manage the situation. Also spreading false news to avoid making friends is a common condition that occurs among same-age peer groups. The jealousy or other reasons may result in torturing your child.

Indeed psychological bullies need proper help and guidance to manage and overcome. So be very keen and knowledgeable to face this condition as a parent. Be with your child assuring his safety.

Such bullies may result in mental disorders like stress, social anxiety and depression if you don’t manage them properly. So the teachers and parents should be cautious when they deal with such issues. Preventing psychological bullies is essential for the well being of the children.

How to identify the child gets bullied?

  • Has troubles in sleep.
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Lack of concentration and focus
  • Don’t pay much interest in meals
  • Recurring Headaches or stomach aches
  • Wounds or scratches on the body.
  • Tries to be alone
  • Avoid gatherings
  • Tries to away from some specific friends.
  • Don’t care about the appearance
  • Become Angry and show vigorous actions.

How to deal with school bullies?

It’s essential to pay attention to all three types of bullies. You have the responsibility to help the children overcome such conditions. Also, assure them you trust him or her a lot. So it let your child believe in yourself. Also, be careful when you introduce new friends to your child. They are maybe from different social situations. They  might bully your child for their own pleasure . Daily ask your child about his school life. Also remember to be cautious if your child rejects a certain person. Ask the reason from the child for such rejections . Unless It may be a severe condition.

Also, pay particular attention if your child says someone hurts them. Maybe it’s a sign to inform physical bullies. Pains in sexual organs and body parts help you decide the situation. Also, reserve some time to be with your child. Your children value your love and affection. So they express their ideas and share the experiences with will be a great help to both identify and overcome such bullies.

Indeed, the children may get bullied or harassed due to spreading authorized pictures and videos. So take quick actions to control the situation informing to the respective authorities. And also provide psychological support to help your child manage the situation. Your guidance can prevent the child from leading to severe conditions like depression, anxiety, and committing suicide. Furthermore, the parents, teachers and the other members of the society must assure the safety of the children.

Healthy children are the best investment for a developed and prosperous society.


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